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?Replication conflict on a design element?
~Lisa Dwonigen 11/14/2003 10:12 PM
Domino Designer 6.0.1 All Platforms

I'm trying to troubleshoot why a design element isn't working (a form). I put an alert in the JSHeader and it didn't show up.

I have configurator. I searched for the javascript function where I put the alert (I see the alert when I pull up the design element). When I run this, I see 2 of the same forms. One shows me the javascript function with the alert and one shows it to me without. I tried putting in the alert from configurator on the one that doesn't have it and then the alert displays. I'm trying to make changes to this design element. Am I creating a replication conflict on this design element (the form)? I don't see two forms in the listing of forms.

Has anyone experienced this strangeness? Any ideas on how to correct it?



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